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2022 SaaS Trends for Enterprises

Manage and Optimize Your SaaS Investments More Effectively

2022 SaaS Trends for Enterprises Ebook cover

With 609 applications and $243M in SaaS spend annually, it’s increasingly challenging for enterprise organizations to effectively manage and optimize their SaaS investments. Zylo’s SaaS Management Index gives you insights into the 2022 SaaS Trends for Enterprises – to reduce risk, empower employees, and rein in spending.

In this ebook, you’ll find a curated view of our findings from this year’s SaaS Management Index, just for enterprises. The most comprehensive report in the industry, it comprises 5 years of SaaS spend, license, and usage data and more than $21B in SaaS spend under management.

Download this ebook to learn:

  • How your SaaS portfolio and spend stack up
  • Ways to reduce risk and spend
  • How to increase adoption and compliance while empowering employees
  • What it means to take proactive control of renewals
Download the Ebook