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Tips for informed purchasing decisions

2022 SaaS Trends for Procurement

2022 saas trends procurement

It goes without saying that SaaS is fundamentally different from on-premise software. And with the rise of SaaS, Procurement needs a different approach to manage it. Zylo’s SaaS Management Index gives you insights into the 2022 SaaS Trends for Procurement – to benchmark your utilization and spend, and make informed tech decisions.

In this ebook, you’ll find a curated view of our findings from this year’s SaaS Management Index, just for Procurement. The most comprehensive report in the industry, it comprises 5 years of SaaS spend, license, and usage data and more than $21B in SaaS spend under management.

Download the 2022 SaaS Trends for Procurement ebook to learn:

  • How Procurement can approach SaaS Management in a hybrid software environment
  • How your SaaS portfolio and spend stack up
  • How SaaS is impacting software management and governance
  • How to take proactive control of your renewals
Download the Ebook