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Tips to rationalize and optimize your SaaS

2022 SaaS Trends for Software Asset Managers

2022 SaaS trends for software asset managers

Rationalizing and optimizing your SaaS portfolio is an ongoing battle. But it’s one that most often results in reduced risk and spend for your organization. Zylo’s SaaS Management Index gives you insights into the 2022 SaaS Trends for Software Asset Managers – to benchmark your portfolio and create a strategy that meets your SaaS Management goals.

In this ebook, you’ll find a curated view of our findings from this year’s SaaS Management Index, just for Software Asset Managers. The most comprehensive report in the industry, it comprises 5 years of SaaS spend, license, and usage data and more than $21B in SaaS spend under management.

Download the 2022 SaaS Trends for Software Asset Managers ebook to learn:

  • How Software Asset Managers are making the shift to SaaS Management
  • How your SaaS portfolio and spend stack up
  • How SaaS is impacting software management and governance
  • Why ongoing rationalization and optimization is vital
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