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4 Need-to-Know SaaS Stats for CIOs

4 need-to-know SaaS stats for CIOs

Ditch the Status Quo. Regain Control of Your Software Environment.

Today, IT is responsible for just 17% of applications and 28% of SaaS spending, making SaaS your biggest blindspot. As a result, your organization is susceptible to unknown security risks, unsanctioned software spending, and unused licenses. It’s time to take back control of your software environment.

As a Chief Information Officer, you’re uniquely positioned to centralize control of your SaaS stack, reducing inefficiencies, costs, and risks while driving innovation. In this report, you’ll gain insight into four need-to-know SaaS stats that highlight the biggest opportunities for CIOs, and what you can do to drive swift business impact. You’ll receive:

  • The latest research on SaaS trends from the industry’s largest dataset
  • Insight into the biggest SaaS Management opportunities for CIOs in 2024
  • Ways you can elevate your role as a strategic leader and drive business impact 
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