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4 Need-to-Know SaaS Stats for IT Leaders

4 need-to-know SaaS stats for IT leaders

Turn Your Biggest Blind Spot into Your Greatest Opportunity

Today, IT is responsible for just 17% of applications and 28% of SaaS spending – a direct result of decentralized purchasing. That makes SaaS your biggest blindspot, leaving you with hidden security risks, rogue spending by the business and employees, and unused licenses. 

As an IT leader, you’re uniquely positioned to reduce license waste, improve efficiencies across the business, and address security risks. In this report, you’ll gain insight into four need-to-know SaaS stats that highlight the biggest opportunities for IT, and what you can do to drive swift business impact. You’ll receive:

  • The latest research on SaaS trends from the industry’s largest dataset
  • Insight into the biggest SaaS Management opportunities for IT in 2024
  • Ways you can elevate your role as a strategic leader and drive business impact
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