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Get Key Insights from the 2023 SaaS Management Index

5 Need-to-Know SaaS Stats for IT Leaders

Ebook image: 5 Need-to-Know SaaS Stats for IT leaders

Pay for the Software You Use, Use the Software You Pay for

SaaS is critical to your business, yet unchecked inefficiencies run rampant. Waste has become the norm, costing organizations like yours $17M a year on average.

As an IT leader, you’re uniquely positioned to take control of your software spend and adoption. In this report, you’ll get insight into the challenges of SaaS for IT leaders, and what you can do to drive swift business impact.

  • Manage SaaS despite its unstoppable growth
  • Address redundancies and license waste
  • Understand what unknown risks pose a threat to your organization 
  • Establish governance to further innovation and digital transformation
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