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How to Contain Costs for SaaS Applications

Businesses will spend more than $113 billion on SaaS applications and services by 2021.

For many organizations, the new age of SaaS creates previously unimaginable possibilities. A future where any company can buy best-in-breed software when needed, deploy it quickly across an organization, and reap the benefit of limited commitments.

This year, the majority of technology spending will be executed by line of business decision-makers – not the IT department. Further, organizations with 1,000 or more employees will spend more on cloud technology purchases than any other business size. SaaS applications make up the majority of purchases in this sector.

Enterprises are spending more, more specifically on SaaS than ever, and largely outside the IT department.

In this guide, get recommended steps for IT leaders to identify and enable cost containment when managing SaaS application catalogs across an enterprise.