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Zylo is Leading the Charge

ITAM Review’s First Certified Enterprise SaaS Management Solution

Zylo ITAM Review Certification

Having a stellar SaaS Management solution is like having your cake and eating it too. But the icing on top is knowing it’s a certified winner by industry experts.

In fact, Zylo has been recognized as the first SaaS Management and Optimization platform certified by The ITAM Review. It’s kind of a big deal. But don’t just take our word for it.

Learn why Zylo is leading the charge by downloading the certification report.

The ITAM Review industry analyst AJ Witt said it well. “Zylo’s certification solidifies its position as a market leader in SaaS Management. It is clear Zylo is well-positioned to serve customers with an extensible, adaptable, and continuously updated platform as the SaaS Management market matures.”

ITAM Review Certification Report - Zylo
Download the Certification Report