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SAM & SaaS Management: Zylo’s Definitive Guide

Today, cloud-based software is adopted at ever-increasing rates. To contain costs and secure the enterprise, many IT leaders and IT vendors are attempting to wrap SAM practices and principles around the management of SaaS and other cloud-based applications, creating “SAM for SaaS.”

However, SAM does not address many of the unique challenges of managing cloud-based software. For example, the top priority of SAM is to rightsize on-premise license contracts to eliminate the overprovisioning of licenses. As overprovisioning is not possible in cloud-based software, this “SAM for SaaS” process serves no use for SaaS license management.

View our free definitive SAM and SaaS Management guide to learn about the unique needs of SaaS management as it relates to:

  • Innovation and business agility
  • Security and compliance
  • Value and cost containment

Fill out the questionnaire included in our guide to determine your enterprise’s SaaS management needs.