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Now on-demand, the sessions below will give you the clarity you need to ignite transformation in your organization. Hear from CIOs and SaaS Management professionals as they share their journeys and offer actionable insights to help you discover, optimize and govern your SaaS investments.

Exclusive Preview: 2021 SaaS Management Index

Get a sneak preview of Zylo’s SaaS Management Index, which is due for publication in December 2021. Zylo CEO Eric Christopher highlights two key trends we’re seeing from the data and what CIOs, IT managers, and Procurement professionals can expect in the year ahead.

Power of the Cloud: the Reality of SaaS Growth

SaaS growth is skyrocketing as we witness historically high rates of digital transformation. Join Cloud expert Byron Deeter as he shares why SaaS is the future of software and a business imperative for companies to stay relevant today and competitive for years to come.

Adobe: A Best-In-Class SaaS Management Journey

Adobe is known for its cloud-forward, progressive stance, yet, like most organizations, struggled with gaining visibility into their scattered SaaS investments. Learn how the Adobe team built a mature, state-of-the-art SaaS Management system of record, tying SAM and SaaS into a single dashboard for optimization, rationalization, and tracking.

Defining Your Career with SaaS Management

SaaS Management has emerged as one of the hottest career paths in enterprise technology. Hear from three professionals that took different paths, yet all used SaaS Management to reach success in their current roles. Whether you are a solo practitioner or building a solid team of SaaS Management professionals, this session offers concrete examples you can follow to advance your own career.

Centralized vs. Decentralized: How to Approach SaaS Governance

How do you ensure data integrity and control shadow IT while enabling business units and employees to access the SaaS solutions they need? When it comes to SaaS governance, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. This session explores the pros and cons of the two schools of thought, to help you understand which is best for your organization.

The Future Workplace CIO Roundtable

The pandemic forever changed the workplace. Rapid digital transformation increased investments in SaaS and the power of employees to choose the tools they need to be effective. CIOs are now responsible not only for budget, security, and IT systems to power operational excellence, they are also charged with improving employee effectiveness through technology. Hear from the CIOs of Zoom, Yahoo, and Yext as they share their experiences and insights on the future workplace.