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Welcome to SaaSMe Day Two On-Demand!

Get Smarter about Zylo

Now on-demand, watch Day Two of SaaSMe 2022. This hands-on learning experience was designed exclusively for you – our customer – to help you get the most value out of Zylo’s enterprise platform and expert services.

SaaSMe afterparty

5 Ways to Survive Renewal Season

If driving down costs is a priority for your team, the next few months are crucial. With a high density of renewals happening at the end of the year, make sure you’re prepared and arm yourself and your team with the tools you need to make this renewal season a smashing success. From identifying redundancies to leveraging benchmarking data to securing negotiation support, see how Zylo can support you this renewal season.

Unlocking the Value of Zylo With Managed Services

You can’t throw technology at a problem. Despite our best efforts, you have to support a technology purchase with the right resources to drive results. If you’re facing big ambitious goals in the year ahead but are low on resources or just looking to do more with less, learn how Zylo can help support. Hear how leaders Clayton Mathis (Seegrid), Aaron Crow (MRI Software), and Mike Scott (Immuta) have unlocked both cost and time savings with Zylo’s Managed Services.

Bring On Big Savings with SaaS Benchmarking & Optimization

Drive down SaaS costs by leveraging your SaaS data. Hear how Callum Brown, IT Procurement Manager at REA Group has translated SaaS usage and benchmarking data into major savings. Learn how he’s using these insights to fuel key SaaS decisions and get his best practices for socializing these wins and communicating them to leadership.

Put the “Pro” in Deprovision

Deprovisioning gives you the power to enhance security and reduce costs. In this session, you’ll learn best practices to deprovision within the Zylo platform and unlock the power of your Okta environment to optimize licenses with Okta Actions.

The Criticality of Flexibility in Your SaaS Management Platform

When it comes to SaaS Management, every organization has a unique approach and unique needs from their SaaS Management platform. At Zylo, we understand the importance of flexibility and have built the platform to enable you to manage SaaS in the way that works best for your organization. In this session, you’ll learn about key customizations you can apply within Zylo to make your SaaS Management program more effective and perfectly suited for your organization.

Zylo + Coupa: A Holistic View of SaaS Spend across Invoice, Expense & PO

Would your life be easier if all your SaaS spend data lived in one place – instead of having to jump from system to system? While Zylo has always provided a view into your current SaaS spend, we’re now empowering you with a forward look at your committed spend by integrating with Coupa PO. In this session, we’ll explore this new integration and talk through the power of being able to unite and organize your Invoice, Expense, Purchase Order, and Contract data within one centralized location.