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Zylo’s Slack Integration


With the Zylo + Slack integration, you have the ability to survey your employees about the SaaS applications they are using right when they spend their time – in Slack. Using Zylo’s Net-Promoter Score-based tools for capturing user feedback and Slack’s new Message Menus, IT and Procurement teams can target users of applications with a quick direct message in Slack. The results are available in Zylo alongside all of the other data being used for strategic purchasing and renewal decisions.

Follow These Steps to Get Started

Step 1 – Log in to Zylo and navigate to Integrations

Step 2 – Click on the Add to Slack button
You will be redirected to log in to Slack if you are not already.


Step 3 – Once logged in, select the Slack team that you want to integrate with Zylo

Step 4 – Review the requested access and click allow


You Are Now Integrated!

To use this integration, navigate to an application’s Sentiment tab in your Zylo platform and select ‘request feedback’. Select Slack from the dropdown to initiate the sentiment request process via Slack.

Any questions or concerns, please reach out to your SaaS consultant.