ebook: 5 C-Suite Executives Weigh In On The Future Of The Subscription Economy

SaaS has changed the way software is purchased

It’s no secret that the business world has been drastically changing for the past several decades — but the speed of change and innovation only continues to increase. It’s not just that new technologies and SaaS products are being introduced to the market more rapidly than ever before, but C-Suite executives are purchasing these tools and implementing them at a faster pace due to the value they see in each new platform or tool.

With the increase of more and more cloud companies and products available to the market, Scott Roth, CEO of Jama Software, believes it’s causing an interesting dynamic in how purchasing decisions are made.

“People from various departments with no experience buying software are now buying SaaS solutions all the time. And some of those individuals are unknowingly making bad decisions. And in other cases, organizations know they have dedicated budget for additional purchases, so they don’t think twice about adding new software to their tech stacks. On one hand it’s great because we are seeing purchases of [Jama] coming from several different departments, but on the other hand it’s more challenging because every company seems to take a different approach to purchasing.” — Scott Roth

We wanted to hear directly from other CEOs and CFOs like Scott to dig deep and understand how they think about SaaS in their own organizations, so the Zylo team interviewed five industry veterans and created the ebook entitled, 5 C-Suite Executives Weigh In On The Future Of The Subscription Economyas a way to share their predictions.

In this ebook, we explore questions to learn what these executives believe the future of cloud software will hold, how they manage spend, utilization, and employee feedback of subscription-based software, and how they operate as a buyer and seller of SaaS.

Learn from executives including:

5 C-Suite Executives Weigh In On The Future Of The Subscription Economy

Wondering what the future of the subscription economy holds? Learn from 5 C-Suite executives in our newest ebook.