ebook: Decentralized SaaS Purchasing Creates Challenges For IT Procurement

Drive IT Procurement Strategy

If your organization is like most enterprises, then you know firsthand how rapidly cloud-based technologies are being added to your tech stack. IT Procurement teams are now tasked with connecting the dots on all software across an organizationand are often the only department that has the ability to do so. As a result, these teams are becoming the glue that holds the cloud ecosystem together for their organizations.

However, there’s something else that’s happening along with the incredible shift to cloud and SaaS software. While the software advances bring huge benefits to organizations, the decision-making processes for these purchases is changing as well. In the past, it was much easier for IT Procurement to stay on top of software decisions as they were involved in the selection and negotiation processes. However, that decision-making process is being decentralized to department leaders across organizations, removing IT Procurement from the day-to-day involvement.

At Zylo, we believe cloud licensing can make IT Procurement strategic. Interested in learning more? Download our latest ebook entitled, “How the Cloud Shift Can Drive IT Procurement Strategy.

Decentralized SaaS Purchasing Creates Challenges For IT Procurement