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Building Value Into Your SaaS Product


I was out to dinner last weekend at a new local spot here in Indy. My wife and I like to think we stay up on our restaurant game, so we have a pretty good gauge on when we feel that the time and money was well spent. Now, there are many factors that can make up a good experience at a restaurant: the food, the staff, the atmosphere, the drinks, the company, the cost.

When all of these factors come together and hit a certain bar of quality, and when a few of them stand out as excellent, you are treated with an almost magical experience. That experience makes you want to go back. It makes you certain that your hard-earned money was well spent.

Customer Feedback is Critical to Product Development

I think about this when building software at Zylo, the leading cloud intelligence platform. Like restaurants, there are many factors for B2B SaaS software to consider; user experience, stability & quality, ease of use, training & support, ROI, roadmap. How can we craft an experience that entices our users to want to log in day after day? How can we build utility & delight into our product that makes the lives and jobs of our customers easier?

We talk to our customers and listen to their feedback on a daily basis. We engage with our partners and advisors to adjust and pivot our approach and strategy. We build our product to create those magical experiences. Our singular goal is for our customers to be certain that the investment they make into Zylo is a solid one and they can’t imagine conducting their business without it.

Building Trust is Equally Important to Building Value

In both of these scenarios, it all comes back to one foundational component, value. The definition is different based on the factors outlined, but behavior as a result of engaging in an activity you consider valuable is the same, you’ll be back for more. My goal is to build value for our customers into our platform. We do that in two ways. First, we put a constant focus on our quality & stability to ensure we’ve built something you can trust. Second, we listen. There is an artform to listening and then responding with new features, products, or services that meet the needs of what we are hearing in a way that scales across our platform. We continue to work to master that art form, and I’d love for you to share your ideas with me to put us to work and drive more and more value from the Zylo platform.

Oh, back to the restaurant. It is called Festiva, and I highly recommend it to anyone. On the way out we were literally thanked by just about everyone that worked there and invited to come back. It was the icing on the cake, and you can bet we’ll be back for more!

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