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What is a CASB and how is it Different from Zylo?

What is a CASB?

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) are an essential piece of just about any enterprise IT stack. Here’s the definition from Gartner:

CASBs are on-premises, or cloud-based security policy enforcement points, placed between cloud service consumers and cloud service providers to combine and interject enterprise security policies as the cloud-based resources are accessed. CASBs consolidate multiple types of security policy enforcement. Example security policies include authentication, single sign-on, authorization, credential mapping, device profiling, encryption, tokenization, logging, alerting, malware detection/prevention and so on.

If I were sum that statement up, a CASB’s primary focus is on keeping your organization secure & compliant when employees are using cloud services. This has long been one of the major concerns from IT pros, sometimes slowing the move to the cloud. So, 100% understandable why a CASB is an essential piece of any cloud-forward organization’s cloud strategy.

Zylo is Not a CASB, but Can Work Hand in Hand with a CASB

We often are asked if Zylo is a CASB and why you might need both. I’m going to relate a company’s cloud stack to a mobile phone. On your phone, you have tools that are primarily built to keep your device secure and to understand how your family is using their phones. This includes:

  • Your password/fingerprint/face recognition/retina scan to access the device
  • MDM software from your company to limit exposure for what can be put on the device and remove data if it is lost or stolen
  • Parental controls to limit time spent on devices
  • Discovery tools to locate your device

You also have tools on your phone to manage & measure its use in order to optimize it:

  • App Store to discover, purchase & review applications
  • Notifications to provide you with alerts when key things occur
  • Battery usage indicator by app
  • Low power mode
  • Management of storage by app
  • Foldering of apps
  • Parental controls to provide approval for your kids buying apps

A phone is a great way to relate, but your enterprise cloud stack is much bigger with a whole lot of additional factors, people and relationships to consider. Having a Cloud Management tool is as imperative as having a CASB. Working hand in hand with a CASB like SkyHigh, Palo Alto or Netskope, Zylo is able to give you the coverage you need to ensure you have top notch cloud strategy:

  • Spend forecasting based on actual history
  • Renewal management: Never get caught on your heels
  • Vendor management: Establish a system of record for your cloud providers to get full visibility to everything you’re spending and using with each supplier as well as the contact information for the ever-changing team you work with from the vendor.
  • Utilization visibility: See who has access and actual usage alongside app spend figures for each individual employee. Bonus: Licensing (actual usage numbers!) for your most strategic partners.
  • Stack Optimization: Understand spend and use across a categorized compilation of all of your cloud apps to discover redundancies and areas of optimization.
  • Employee Feedback: Initiate feedback surveys through email or Slack to ensure your employee’s voice is heard when making purchasing or renewal decisions

Using a platform like Zylo allows you to drive your cloud intelligence strategy when you pair cloud application spend, utilization and employee feedback.



Ben Pippenger

As Zylo’s Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer, Ben is responsible for identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing and executing on business development opportunities and building an ecosystem of strategic partnerships. Ben brings nearly 20 years of experience in B2B SaaS and as a co-founder at Zylo has spent the past five years working with customers to drive product strategy. Prior to founding Zylo, Ben held leadership roles in product and account management at Salesforce and ExactTarget.