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How Miro and Zylo are Enabling IT to Lead the Future of Collaborative Work

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Guest Post by Steven Miller, Head of Enterprise Partnerships, Miro

With pandemic conditions improving in parts of the world, many companies are exploring ways to introduce more flexibility to their workforce. With a mix of in person, remote, and at-home workers, the hybrid model could be the future of work for companies large and small and across all industries.

However, the shift to hybrid work may be even more disruptive than the shift to all-remote work we saw in 2020, according to analysts at Gartner. Although there are significant benefits of the flexibility offered to employees, team leads and employees will face new challenges and complex logistics related to creating a successful hybrid team.

Benefits of SaaS Platforms in the Era of Hybrid Work

Moving from in person to fully remote meant that the fabric of how we gathered, engaged, and collaborated at work fundamentally changed. At Miro, we saw everyone from solo consultants to Fortune 100 organizations quickly adopt Miro as their online whiteboard of choice to meet their collaboration needs. With the move back into the office, continuing to marry the physical whiteboard experience with the power of online collaboration feels obvious. Beyond whiteboarding, many have seen the need for a visual collaboration tool across several types of projects and initiatives. Teams across the world can now see that Miro is more than just a whiteboard, it’s a centralized, visual hub for all of your teams’ projects.

Challenges Faced by IT

As teams and business units adopt and scale their usage of new applications, it’s imperative that IT and Finance are able to track which users are actively using and engaging with these applications. While many organizations have historically relied on Software Asset Management (SAM) teams and tools to measure usage of on-client applications, the same approach does not always work for SaaS applications, given that they are licensed and consumed in a fundamentally new way.

Enter SaaS Management Platforms…

Miro & Zylo Integration Drives Secure Scalability

As a pioneer in the SaaS Management Platform space, Zylo has created a next-gen platform that is enabling organizations to better understand how their users and teams use Miro, and over time, optimize the management of licenses to ensure access is available to every team member. We’re excited to partner with Zylo to provide these capabilities to our joint customers, building on the enterprise-grade security, controls, and compliance features of Miro’s Enterprise Plan.

What’s Next?

Our partnership is just getting started, and in the coming months, we plan to further our integration to improve both of our platforms. Our goal: to improve the daily lives of thousands of system and application owners tasked with ensuring that their teams can innovate with Miro securely, and with as few barriers as possible.



Steven Miller

Passionate about the intersection of cloud collaboration & security, Steven leads integration and ecosystem efforts with the world’s leading enterprise platforms to ensure that Miro customers have the tools to deploy, manage, and secure Miro at scale. Prior to Miro, Steven drove similar ecosystem efforts at Dropbox, Centrify, and SoftwareONE, where he also advised companies on managing their software portfolios.

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