Creating a Holistic Identity and SaaS Management Strategy


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Co-sponsored by Zylo, Okta, and Beyond ID, in this webinar, Zylo co-founder and VP of Services Cory Wheeler hosts a panel discussion on the benefits of combining Okta identity management with the power of Zylo SaaS management.

Panelists include Jason Conrad, Customer Success Manager for Okta, Liz Milan, Director of Procurement for Zoominfo, and Arun Shrestha, CEO and co-founder of Beyond ID.


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Learn more about how the Zylo + Okta integration powers a holistic view of identity access and SaaS application management by viewing the Okta integration datasheet.

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Zylo is the leading enterprise SaaS management platform that transforms how companies manage and optimize the vast and accelerating number of cloud-based applications organizations rely on today. The platform provides one system of record for all cloud-based software purchased across a company, enabling customers to discover, manage, measure and optimize cloud investments with real-time insights into spend, utilization and feedback data.