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Celebrating Milestones at Zylo

Zylo one year anniversary


Over the last year, we have celebrated a lot of milestones at Zylo. We have integrated with some leading partners like Salesforce and Slack, hired amazing people, and added some impressive enterprise customers to the family. We have even more exciting accomplishments to share soon, and larger goals on the horizon. Today marks the one year anniversary for Zylo, but we aren’t going to celebrate today.

Even though today is our one year anniversary, I would consider our public launch last August at Okta’s conference, Oktane, as the Zylo market launch. Leading up to the event, the team put incredible effort toward making sure the conference would be successful and that we would be able to showcase our new product. We met our goals, had a great conference and launched the product with our earliest customers.

Oktane was in Las Vegas, the epicenter of gambling. Most people would tell you that going to work at a startup is a gamble. Personally, I can’t stand gambling, especially on things where I feel like you have no competitive advantage. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy watching you lose your money, but it just isn’t for me. This is where Zylo is different. We didn’t start with a few people in a garage working on a moon-shot idea. We started a company backed by High Alpha, with experienced SaaS veteran co-founders and board of directors, with a solution to an emerging problem that continues to grow in enterprise companies – SaaS Management and SaaS Optimization.

The group we have assembled today is as driven and talented as I could have imagined. But even with all of that talent, everyone is extremely humble and has a team first mentality. We have set big goals and celebrate when milestones are achieved.

We debated internally about the merits of celebrating our anniversary. While I respect both sides of the issue, I have to believe that one year or any number of years isn’t worth a celebration in itself. In my career, I have worked for several startups. Today, all of these companies still exist, but their successes couldn’t be more different. I believe all of these companies had the potential to be successful, but the leaders at some of these companies didn’t push the teams to achieve something bigger.

I didn’t leave my last career to gamble that I would make it a certain length of time working at Zylo, and I don’t believe that anyone else on the team today would say that either. After a lot of conversations and analysis, I chose to join Zylo because I believed it was different. I set out to help build an amazing company, working with driven people to solve big problems and that is exactly what we’re doing – every day.

At Zylo we celebrate our goals and accomplishments, not a ticking clock.

Seize the day.

Our team is constantly growing – over 230% in the last year actually! If you want to join us, check out our open positions.