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Zylo Receives Strategic Investment From Coupa Ventures


I’m excited to announce that Zylo has received a strategic investment from Coupa Ventures! But first, I want to congratulate the team at Coupa on the launch of Coupa Ventures. It’s an incredible milestone not only for Coupa as a company, but for the entire business spend management space.

At Zylo, we are honored to be one of the first organizations to join the Coupa Ventures portfolio. Coupa has been an incredible partner and a customer of Zylo for years. They know firsthand the value that Zylo delivers and their confidence in us and our growth trajectory is validation of both our strategic direction and the platform we’ve built. We are aligned with Coupa’s vision that intelligently managing business spend has the power to transform business and ultimately fuel growth. And we are excited to be part of the trailblazers innovating in this space.

Additionally, this investment is yet another signal of the rising importance of SaaS Management and Zylo’s leadership in pioneering the market. There’s been a flurry of market activity around SaaS Management as more leaders are experiencing the pains we solve. We predicted that 2021 would be the year of SaaS Management as a critical business need for senior leadership in IT and finance – and that is proving true.

Zylo was founded on the vision that the rise of the subscription economy brings a new era of challenges and opportunities for businesses. Our mission is to empower companies to control costs, manage risk and unlock the full value of Software as a Service (SaaS) across an entire organization. I’ve watched the rapid growth of this market for the past five years – and I can confidently say, we’re just getting started. I’m excited to continue paving the way for the future of SaaS Management and doing so with the support of other trailblazers like Coupa.

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