Keap Goes Cloud-First with Zylo and Okta Heading the Charge

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Okta and Zylo really compliment each other. [The partnership] allows us to make informed decisions and better communicate with the business around where we are going strategically, what opportunities we have, and then, how can we best partner with the business to provide solutions and services that are in line with our strategic goals to help small businesses.

Josh McCoy, Systems Engineer, Keap


Keap builds cloud-based products for its ever-growing base of small business customers, indicating a strong need for a cloud-first mindset internally. The company needed up-to-the-minute insight into SaaS usage and spending to make the best possible decisions and wished to ease employee ability to sign into work-critical systems without compromising security.


Keap began using Okta and Zylo in tandem—addressing SaaS usage and spend from one system of record. The data Okta generates by default provides deep insight into user-based usage patterns, that Zylo uses to highlight where to take performance-boosting action.


By utilizing both Okta and Zylo, Keap is able to enhance productivity, streamline software spend, and reduce the need to place IT personnel on rote tasks like user provisioning. Using Zylo to analyze Okta’s integrated data creates a continuous loop of information that helps Keap better help their employees—and serve their customers. This also provides:

SaaS Analytics and Tracking:

Zylo uses the user-based usage patterns data that  data Okta generates by default to highlight where to take performance-boosting action. Using both tools in tandem, Keap is far better prepared to track usage of and spending on SaaS solutions, metrics that can influence license purchasing, policy enforcement, and other important considerations.

Increased Security:

In a recent risk assessment, McCoy said, metrics provided by Zylo (and enhanced by Okta) helped them consider the scope of certain systems that house or transmit confidential information. Zylo’s uniquely powerful outlook further helps the company determine software purchases that evade established processes and thus help Keap technical staff “stay in front of shadow IT,” according to the systems administrator.

Efficiency and Productivity:

Utilizing Zylo, Keap and its employees make smarter application purchases, and the company can buy better provisions for its staff. Instead of going through rigorous review processes to determine usage and compliance (a complex task that involved spreadsheet tracking, user interviews, and other time-consuming manual tasks, per McCoy), the two systems give Keap the at-a-glance view they need to make smart decisions.


Zylo’s ability to report data generated by Okta creates a synergy that enables Keap’s cloud-first strategy.  Moreover, the products work to streamline processes both in Keap’s IT department and the larger organization.

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