Utilize Powerful Machine Learning to Optimize Your Enterprise SaaS Stack

Learn why Zylo is the most comprehensive SaaS management platform.

Learn How Zylo Works

Drive ROI from Every SaaS Subscription

Consolidate Redundant SaaS Spend

Identify, evaluate, and unify duplicate licenses and applications of overlapping function.

In the average organization, 90 SaaS applications are purchased by more than one employee.

Unlock Deep Consumption Metrics

Centrally monitor license and data utilization, automatically deprovision inactive licenses, and inform renewal negotiations.

On average, only 62% of all provisioned licenses have been actively used in the last 30 days.

Empower Decentralized IT Management

Build custom views; empower SaaS buyers to measure, support, and manage their team’s cloud-based software stack.

50% of SaaS applications are expensed by employees.

Curate Approved SaaS Applications

Connect users with app owners to reduce IT burden. Streamline software adoption to increase productivity.

32% of employees expense SaaS applications.

Featured Integrations

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