Reduce Cost and Risk of SaaS with Visibility of all Cloud-Based Applications, Usage, and Spend

Learn why Zylo is the most comprehensive SaaS management platform.

Learn How Zylo Works

Drive ROI from Every SaaS Subscription

Discover all SaaS Applications and Spend

Find and monitor all usage, and spend for IT managed and Shadow IT SaaS applications in a centralized platform.

The average company maintains an inventory of 597 applications.

Optimize and Rightsize SaaS Licenses and Features

Identify ways to cut SaaS spend from redundant applications and inactive users to increase efficiencies.

38% of all SaaS licenses have gone unused in a typical 30-day period.

Forecast and Proactively Plan SaaS Renewals

Proactively manage SaaS renewals and forecast future SaaS spend with data-driven insights.

An average of 10 new SaaS applications are added to the average portfolio each month.

Empower a Distributed Workforce with Optimized, Compliant Self-Service SaaS

Provide the right level of visibility and control across the organization to accurately manage all SaaS applications.

On average, one in three employees purchase SaaS applications for business use via expense reimbursement.

Featured Integrations

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