Zylo Makes Software Management Easy

With SaaS for SaaS, gain full visibility into your cloud-based software spend. Proactively manage applications, forecast spend, mitigate risk, and track renewal agreements across the enterprise.

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Zylo starts where the money is spent. Using real-time expense data from your AP and Expense systems, paired with machine learning and an enterprise services team, Zylo creates an extract of cloud-based expenses in your organization. Zylo's dashboards provide comprehensive views of all cloud-based applications purchased in the enterprise. Zylo is SaaS for SaaS.

Discover SaaS and Cloud Spend

Discover all SaaS applications and cloud-based spend purchased via your accounts payable or employee expense data.

Renewal Timeline

Manage all SaaS vendors from one system-of-record with all of the data to fuel strategic and proactive renewals.

Application Manager

Manage cloud software from one system of record to track spend, utilization and feedback by application.

Application Catalog

The Zylo application catalog has over 8,000 SaaS applications associated with category and function(s) to enrich your data.


Stay ahead of your cloud-based spend with SaaS application renewal alerts and spend alerts.

SaaS Utilization Insights

Receive proactive insights and alerts from Zylo to uncover:

  • Overutilization
  • Underutilization
  • Multi-Channel Spend
  • Overlapping Apps
  • Operational burden

Secure Sensitive Data

Track which third party applications store PII and other sensitive data.

Software Management Built for the Cloud

Zylo has 8,000+ SaaS applications under management categorized down to the function.

Ready to take your enterprise SaaS strategy to the next level?

Utilization Measurement

Measure cloud-based spend and SaaS applications with real-time license utilization and employee feedback data. Understand the value each application provides and the cost per employee to quantify and qualify IT budgets.

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License Optimization

Partner with the business to optimize cloud-based spend and SaaS applications based on spend, active utilization, and employee sentiment. Claw-back unused licenses and manage the employee value of each application.

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SaaS changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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