Procurement Management Software Built for the Cloud

Procurement teams use Zylo to partner with business units, build enterprise-wide software strategies, and become trusted advisors.

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SaaS procurement management software is critical given how the growth of SaaS and cloud applications changed the way software is purchased. Procurement teams no longer make technology purchase decisions alone.

SaaS procurement management software enables you to:

  • Gain full visibility into SaaS spend across the entire organization
  • Measure the value each SaaS application is providing to the users
  • Proactively manage and negotiate all SaaS renewal agreements
  • Identify strategic opportunities to reduce SaaS spend

Zylo's procurement management software
helps leaders to:

Get rid of out of date spreadsheets to track SaaS applications

Avoid being hit with an unplanned SaaS auto-renewal and drive a proactive SaaS strategy

Own your own utilization data to drive negotiations with confidence

Identify redundant applications and functions to reduce SaaS spend

SaaS has changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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