How do SaaS costs and risk impact your company?

Compare your organization's ability to manage SaaS against Zylo benchmarks sourced from the analysis of more than $22 billion in cloud spending. With the SaaS Management Lifecycle assessment, you can compare your company’s SaaS usage against Zylo benchmarks and learn how to start controlling costs and risk for every stage.


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    How many applications do you have? And how much are you spending?

    These are typically the most pressing questions when beginning to manage SaaS. Most organizations greatly underestimate both SaaS application quantity and spending due to undiscovered apps and shadow IT.

    How do you compare?

    Answer below to see how you stack up.

Download our SaaS Management Lifecycle guide now and learn how to:

  • Uncover all shadow IT in your organization
  • Optimize SaaS applications and licenses for immediate cost-savings
  • Plan for SaaS renewals and prevent surprises
  • Ensure compliance by establishing best practices for SaaS governance, security, and spending

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