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Enterprise SaaS Management Platform + SaaS Negotiator Services

Save 20% of Your SaaS Spend. Guaranteed.

Our Customers See an Average 6X ROI

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Your journey to smarter and simpler SaaS Management starts here. Book your demo today and see how you can:

  • Get 20% guaranteed savings
  • Discover and inventory all applications
  • Control and optimize licenses
  • Proactively manage purchasing and renewals
  • Mitigate compliance & security risks

In less than a half hour, you’ll get a clear picture of how Zylo can help you save time and money managing SaaS.

Trusted by IT, Finance, and Procurement Leaders at the World’s Largest Enterprises to High-Growth Scale-ups

Zylo Named a Leader in G2’s SaaS Spend Management & SaaS Management Operations Grids

Discover, govern and optimize your applications

SaaS Management Made Simple

From ranked recommendations for action to renewal alerts and more, Zylo gives you time to innovate and future-proof your portfolio while getting the most bang for your IT budget.

Reduce Redundancy and Optimize Licenses

Instantly and continuously identify all SaaS applications and users – including overlapping tools and unused licenses – ranked for action by the biggest cost savings.

Uncover Risks from Shadow IT

Decrease risks by understanding all applications where business data is stored to make data-driven decisions on which should move behind Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Gain Negotiating Power with Data

Take control of SaaS renewals at scale and have more confidence in negotiations with automatic alerts, benchmarks, and usage data. You can even have Zylo negotiate your contracts for you.

See for Yourself

Schedule a personal consultation and extended demo to see how Zylo can help you discover, optimize, and govern your SaaS stack with ease.

40% of SaaS licenses are wasted. You can do better.

Take action on usage and portfolio optimization recommendations with personalized and prioritized SaaS Management Insights from Zylo. Our industry-leading software discovers all your organization’s SaaS and constantly monitors usage and spend across IT-managed, line-of-business-owned, and shadow IT applications. With Zylo, you’ll increase efficiency while improving user satisfaction by setting your teams up with the tools they need.