Zylo Implementation Services

Our team accelerates your team’s business impact with Zylo.

When you partner with Zylo, your Implementation Team ensures that you hit the ground running with an average time-to value of 30 days, with minimal implementation work required on your part. Here's what you can expect:


Connect your Plug and Play integrations into Zylo and send your existing SaaS and Cloud contracts for meta data scraping.


Zylo's machine learning matching model identifies and categorizes all SaaS and Cloud subscriptions and brings the data into Zylo.


Zylo uploads contract meta data into the platform for easy renewal reporting and management in a single system of record.


Formal kick-off meeting and Glimpse, one-year SaaS Optimization roadmap, review and set up monthly strategy meetings.

The Zylo Glimpse

As part of every Implementation process and kickoff, Zylo delivers a deep consultative deliverable designed to be a one-year roadmap of SaaS optimization opportunities.

Creating a View of your Full Cloud EnvironmentFor the first time, customers have a full view of their entire SaaS technology, creating a benchmark for each customer's baseline SaaS investments and SaaS technology mix. Now it's possible to track the value and impact of Zylo.

Delivering Actionable InsightsSpend, utilization and transactional data analysis brings three main areas to light: redundant applications, under-utilization and over-utilization/true-ups and administrative burdens based on transaction volume.

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Expand Your Team’s Bandwidth

The Zylo Concierge Team automates and enriches your data discovery and data entry processes. The team runs ad-hoc reporting as needed and ensures your account and SaaS provider details are kept up-to-date.

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SaaS changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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