Zylo Enterprise Services

Our team expands the bandwidth of your team to ensure you get the most from Zylo.

When you partner with Zylo, you get more than the industry leading SaaS Optimization Platform. You get an account team of customer centric consultants and data scientists who are focused on making you successful. Our Enterprise Services Team expands your team's bandwidth and helps you get the most from your enterprise SaaS asset management system.

Data is King

SaaS optimization and SaaS management are all about the data. We’ve made investments in data science and analytics to bring our customers proactive insights and benchmarks.

  • Data scientists have analyzed $90 Billion in total spend and 27 Million transactions
  • The Zylo platform has over $4.5 billion of SaaS spend under management
  • The Zylo App Discovery Catalog is over 7,500 SaaS providers and categorized down to function

Zylo Provides White Glove Concierge Service

Whether it is pulling an ad-hoc report or capturing all of the relevant meta data from contracts to populate automatically in Zylo, the Enterprise Services Team has you covered.

Data Discovery

After analyzing over 1 million transaction records, our data team members and AI systems are experts at uncovering SaaS applications and associating spend to each application based on financial records.

Data Validation

Validating the data once it has been categorized is a team effort and one we take seriously. We work with customers to ensure their data is cleansed and accurate in order to make strategic decisions on the best data set.

Data Enrichment

In addition to SaaS discovery, you get enriched data, including categorized SaaS applications down to the functional level and key contract data that enables you to have an actionable and accurate SaaS renewal manager.

Data Maintenance

When you have a new or updated SaaS contract, just send it to our team for uploading the metadata into Zylo for easy reporting and accurate maintenance of your renewal manager and a single system of record.

The Zylo Support Team Removes Any Barriers to Your Success

When you partner with Zylo, the Support Team is a part of your account team from the first day. Customers have direct access to around the clock support via email, phone and a dedicated Slack channel. The Support Team is there every step of the way if you need assistance with the platform, data, interpreting insights or even celebrating an internal victory — they’re here for you!

More Zylo Enterprise Services & Support

Accelerate the Business Impact of Zylo

The Zylo Implementation Team guides you through a quick time to value onboarding process. The team loads your historic data into Zylo and connects key SaaS integrations to get real-time spend and utilization data into Zylo.


SaaS changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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