SolutionsDrive IT Collaboration

Build Healthy Relationships with Business Leaders


Today, 50% of the enterprise’s technology investment is bought and managed outside of IT.

Now more than ever, to ensure the security and value of the enterprise SaaS stack, IT and Procurement leaders must have healthy relationships with business leaders.


Open lines of communication and build relationships with SaaS buyers to drive value.

Through Zylo-enabled visibility, discover every application, buyer, and user within the organization. Drive best practices at the source: the user.

Customer Spotlight
“Conversations with LOBs have become richer through utilization data. From under-utilized solutions to unnecessary expensed purchases, with Zylo, we can better understand the nature of the problem and seek informed solutions.”
Ryan Johnson, Director of IT

How Zylo Builds Your SaaS System of Record:


Through direct integrations with your AP and Expense solutions, Zylo’s matching model discovers and categorizes all applications. Over 7,500 unique applications have been discovered and categorized to-date.


Zylo assigns buyers to each application. Within Zylo, launch emails or Slack messages to enhance SaaS management and optimization at the source: the buyers.


Include users in the license management decisions by launching management Workflows. Automatically send communication to users to review and contest the de-provisioning of licenses.