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An Inside Look at Zylo’s Engineering Team

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There’s never been a more exciting time to be an engineer at Zylo. With cloud investments soaring and decentralized SaaS spend increasing, enterprises are struggling to manage their subscription software. The SaaS management market is experiencing rapid growth … and so is Zylo! Our engineering team is tackling some of the most interesting technical challenges – from AI to scaling our platform as we build the future of SaaS management.

Solving Hard Technical Problems as We Scale

Our platform processes millions of lines of transaction data and billions in supplier spend. As we grow, so will the volume and types of data that we process. Our engineering team is responsible for ensuring our architecture is built to last and that our systems can execute at scale, while staying nimble enough to adapt to emerging needs of our customers. As a team, we’re continuously challenging ourselves and looking for opportunities to improve. We’re assessing how we bring data into the system, how we extract it and how we’re presenting insights to customers in a way that delivers maximum value.

Not to mention, SaaS management is still a budding industry – which means we’re building a product in a landscape that is still being defined and there isn’t always a blueprint or set of best practices to pull from. And while that can seem daunting, there’s an endless amount of opportunity for engineers to work on hard, technical problems. The engineers here at Zylo thrive on these types of challenges and seeing the process through from start to finish. 

Collaborate to Innovate

At Zylo, our engineering culture is centered on collaboration. We intentionally keep our team sizes small so that engineers can move fast and come together as a team to find solutions. As Harry S. Truman said, “It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets credit.” And he’s right. We check our egos at the door so we can rally to solve big problems together. 

This philosophy even shows up in the way I aim to lead this team. Just because I’m the CTO doesn’t mean that what I say goes. It’s my job to bring the team problems to solve, not solutions to implement. I’m humble enough to know I’m not the smartest person in the room. Rather, the best thing I can do for my team is to empower them, help them anticipate challenges and build solutions that will scale with us. Together, we’re smarter and more capable than any of us is alone – myself included.

Develop Together

While our teams work in lockstep with other stakeholders across the business to build a platform our customers love, we’re also committed to the continuous development of our engineers. Even as we scale, we always make time to share our successes and learnings so we can continue to learn and grow – both as individuals and as a team. 

As we pioneer the SaaS Management space, there’s incredible opportunity for growth. And our engineering team plays a critical role in delivering the value our customers need today while developing new innovations that will drive both our business and the industry forward.


Tim Horoho

As Zylo’s Chief Technology Officer, Tim is responsible for the company’s product architecture, engineering, and operations. Tim brings more than two decades of experience as a technology and engineering executive in SaaS. Prior to joining Zylo, Tim was Senior Vice President at Salesforce, focused on mergers and acquisitions and technology operations. Before that, he served as Senior Vice President of Engineering for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, where he focused on the architecture and delivery of the platform at scale.