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Like many, at Zylo, we are on a journey towards confronting our own unconscious biases together.

As a company, we are committed to anti-racism. The first steps in transforming our behaviors from non-racist to anti-racist are acknowledgment and education.

We are spending Juneteenth kicking off our education efforts. We are working with an Empathy Consultant to learn how to recognize and connect with the emotions and perspectives of others.

This connected understanding helps us communicate and take action in a way that is sincere and beneficial to ourselves, our company, and our local and global communities.

We will also be providing additional resources in the coming weeks with dedicated time from the company, including Slack channels for meaningful discussion. We will continue to learn, to connect, and to share our experiences as we embrace anti-racism.

Here are some of the resources that we have identified as we take these first steps. We share them here in hopes you find them helpful.


Media for adults

Articles and resources for parenting

Media for kids

Courses, Webinars, and Education Resources

Ideas for actions to take and organizations to support