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10 Ways Zylo Drives ROI Across the Enterprise

Zylo ROI


There are few B2B applications and services with a return on investment as immediate as a SaaS management platform. The implementation is as simple as reviewing and/or integrating with all of your spend, utilization, and transactional data. And from the first login to your SaaS Management platform, you can view an inventory of all the applications being paid for by your enterprise.

With Zylo, that “time to value” is even shorter, and the return on your investment (ROI) is even greater.

Driving ROI is inherent in SaaS Management. At Zylo, our process doubles down on standard software asset management tactics with implementation processes and optimization tools that are specifically built to help IT and procurement experts find immediate value—both in financials and productivity.

How Zylo Drives ROI Value for IT

IT no longer makes technology purchasing decisions alone. The rise of SaaS has made it easier than ever for stakeholders throughout the business in varying departments to secure trials and subscriptions on their own. But it leaves IT in the dark about all the applications in use across the enterprise, weakening their ability to provide the best enablement, training, and support.

Zylo brings that insight back into the hands of IT so they can proactively manage SaaS spend and free up time to work on solving more critical business challenges. Zylo helps IT teams realize value in a number of ways through:

A security inventory system

Without a comprehensive picture of tech usage throughout the company, guaranteeing security throughout the organization becomes increasingly difficult for IT. Zylo enables you to know what apps you have, whether or not they contain personally identifiable information or sensitive data, and put the appropriate governance processes in place for a more productive and profitable future. For example, when new applications are requested, IT can check the Zylo dashboard for the most up-to-date picture of their SaaS spend to avoid redundancy and recommend the appropriate budget and number of licenses.

Proactive reduction of IT support tickets

A SaaS management platform like Zylo allows IT to proactively identify new apps in the ecosystem that may require IT support (before the support ticket hits your desk). By looking ahead and predicting which apps will require additional support, teams can preemptively train and put processes in place to save employees from headache and protect IT time and resources.

Value assessment of each individual application

How does Zylo help you realize value? By assessing….value. The Zylo platform allows IT to see exactly how much money is going into each application and in turn, determine if the utilization data is warranting that spend. Armed with information, IT can make better recommendations to company stakeholders about the best apps for the company to invest in.

How Zylo Drives ROI Value for Procurement

In the digital era, procurement is no longer the only purchasing arm of the company. But giving this freedom to other business leaders can mean forfeiting organization and control. By using a software management platform like Zylo to govern an otherwise unmanageable category of assets, procurement teams can get back the know-how needed to not only save the company money, but add value throughout the business. Zylo helps procurement teams:

  • Rationalize SaaS applications to determine the right category, sub-category, and function.
  • Establish a proactive renewal calendar to stay ahead of renewals, avoid unwanted auto-renewals, and bypass fees.
  • Reference utilization data to renegotiate the best contract size based on actual usage to avoid additional need or waste.
  • Identify multi-channel spend to discover app overlap and uncover duplicates in different areas and/or levels throughout the business.

How Zylo Drives Shared ROI Value Across the Business

One of the greatest strengths of organizations like IT and procurement is their ability to act as a consultant for the business, adding value by lending expertise. While SaaS has created a major opportunity for businesses to run more smoothly at unprecedented speeds, it’s created challenges for these groups in their ability to manage the company’s full inventory of tech assets.

IT and procurement teams don’t want to stunt the growth and innovation that comes with SaaS. But security is at a major risk without their involvement. Zylo helps IT and procurement leaders strike a balance between innovation and security by arming them with the necessary data to make sound decisions without compromising employee flexibility. Zylo provides:

Full visibility

Because of Zylo’s centralized design, IT, procurement, and other business leaders can access a comprehensive system of record to increase visibility and manage every single SaaS/cloud app in use across the enterprise. Having full visibility is invaluable to the organization, as it shares knowledge with little human effort, reduces employee/team misunderstandings, and gives teams a foundation to build an effective SaaS management strategy on for future savings and productivity.

Identified admins

It’s hard enough to keep track of every app in your ecosystem, let alone each app’s administrator. Armed with a list of all apps in use across the business, you can more easily track down each administrator and conveniently record the details right in the platform.

Utilization data

We’re all about reducing run-around. The Zylo dashboard gives you utilization data for every app your business uses so you don’t have to spend time logging in to each one’s admin panel to individually determine the usage stats on your own.

Some tech can take years for you to show a return on investment. Zylo is built to expose gaps in your team’s app usage and spend so you can take immediate action and gain ROI. Whether for IT, procurement, or both, Zylo helps you uncover value so you can put it right back into the business in the form of consultative expertise.