2018 Planning: SaaS Management Playbook

Amy Condle

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At Zylo, we are defining and leading the new way to manage software. Across our customer base, we have over $500M of annual SaaS and cloud investments under management. We are fortunate to work with some of the most progressive enterprises that have either been built in a cloud-first or cloud-only environment and the more traditional enterprises that are well on their way to shifting the cloud. The diversity in industry, size and age of enterprises we work with has afforded us a tremendous opportunity to create benchmark data points and best practices in this brand new SaaS Management category.

We are proud to launch a brand new tool that provides a customized SaaS Management Playbook based on a few questions about how your organization views risk, security and innovation. Whether you have a specific strategy around SaaS and cloud management in place today or you are starting to put a strategy around this category or if you are unsure when the right time is to formalize a strategy, Zylo has a playbook for you.

As a SaaS company built to manage SaaS software, SaaS for SaaS, we are the biggest fans of SaaS at Zylo. We love SaaS products because of the speed and agility they provide. But, we know there are complexities and costs associated with the new way business-led purchasing impacts the enterprise technology environment. SaaS spend and vendor management, utilization measurement and license optimization are areas that every enterprise needs a strategy and governance plan sooner than later.

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About the Author

Amy Condle

Amy Condle is the Director of Marketing at Zylo, the leading SaaS optimization platform that transforms how companies manage and optimize the vast and accelerating number of cloud-based applications organizations rely on today. Amy has spent the last 10 years marketing B2B SaaS technology and is helping educate the market and define the new way to manage SaaS applications. She spent 6 years in marketing at ExactTarget and another 2 years after the Salesforce acquisition. Amy and her family reside in Indianapolis, IN, where they can be found cheering for the Butler Bulldogs and spending as much time outdoors as possible.