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Matt Renie

Inaugural Zylo on the Streets: The Village of Merici

Roughly 39 years ago, a newly graduated Occupational Therapist embarked on a long career o…

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Cory Wheeler

Secure Your Enterprise: Best Practices for SaaS Adoption

At ProcureCon 2018, Zylo hosted a panel discussion of procurement and IT professionals. Th…

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Chad Hinen

Just Let Me on the Bus

I first heard about Zylo in July 2016. Long before I became Zylo's Implementation Manager, I got in touch with co-found…

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Hyoun Park

Everything You Were Afraid To Ask About Managing SaaS Costs

IT, procurement, accounting, and operations managers tasked with managing IT and operation…

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Brooke Lewis

Life at Zylo: Hear from Brooke Lewis 5 weeks in as a Field Marketing Manager

One month in at Zylo, and what a month it has been. When I started the job search, I was …

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Ben Pippenger

Zylo + Github Integration for Better Org Insight

In the enterprise, it’s easy to have hundreds - if not thousands! - of repos and users w…

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Hyoun Park

DISRUPT Your SaaS Ecosystem to Improve Governance and Visibility

Software as a Service is one of the fastest growing segments of IT in terms of complexity,…

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Amy Condle

IT Procurement: Champions of Digital Transformation

Procurement is changing. As new technologies and best practices emerge, the field of procu…

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Cory Wheeler

10 Ways Zylo Drives ROI Across the Enterprise

There are few B2B applications and services with a return on investment as immediate as a …

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Hyoun Park

How to Cope When Enterprise SaaS Grows Up

As Software as a Service (SaaS) becomes a $100 billion+ market by the end of 2020, SaaS wi…

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