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Fresh New Look, Same Great SaaS Management Partner


In 2016, we launched Zylo with the mission to help organizations harness the power of SaaS to transform and grow their business. While we knew we were helping CIOs and IT teams solve a very real and acute problem, we had no idea that we were planting the seeds of what would eventually bloom into the category of SaaS Management.

Fast forward to today, SaaS Management is a rapidly maturing discipline and our team at Zylo is delivering solutions that enable CIOs and their organizations to discover, optimize, and govern their SaaS portfolio to manage spend, reduce risk, and elevate the employee experience.

As the SaaS Management space has matured, so have we. After five years, it was time for us to look inward and update the Zylo brand to reflect the organization we’ve become and the values that we hold dear.

Who is Zylo?

As any data-driven organization does, we set out on a fact finding mission – talking to customers, our employees and industry influencers to understand their perception of Zylo, our style and the value we provide.

Time and again, we heard words like: smart, approachable, trusted, forward-thinking partner – and we were reminded that we’re an enabler of innovation. We work alongside our customers to create opportunities they didn’t know were possible and we light the fire of visibility that fuels action.

Clarity ignites transformation. This small phrase has become the central foundation of our brand – our brand essence. No matter how much we scale, no matter what new innovation we develop, this essence is at the center of everything we do. From the way we work with our customers to the way we embrace culture to the products we build – this essence is our guiding light.

Introducing the refreshed Zylo brand identity

With our brand essence at the heart, we wanted our new branding to reflect what we heard and represent us in a way that was sophisticated yet approachable. From the language we use to our color palette and design elements – we wanted our new brand to reflect the fun, collaborative crowd we are and invoke the innovation and expertise that we bring to the SaaS Management space.

In the spirit of our company value to Grow Stronger Together, we prioritized our commitment to accessibility and built a more inclusive color system. The distinct color palette matches our personality – with a fiery sienna that evokes bold sensibility and warmth of our people and the teal signifying stability, clarity and openness.

We also embody our value of Focus on Customers First by incorporating them into our imagery and ensuring it’s clear that our customers are the true heroes of this story. And we’ve introduced custom illustrations and design elements that symbolize the data, applications, people, and ideas constantly moving and flowing through our ecosystem.

You may also notice that we’ve incorporated a few elements of our original brand into the new identity. Our previous brand has served us well, so we’ve intentionally kept these elements as a way to bridge where we’ve come from and where we’re headed. For instance, the Zylo wordmark is a brand element that was built to last, not only in its design but also in its meaning. Our logo symbolizes bringing things together; applications, data, people and ideas – and maintaining the spectrum of color stays true to the story of harmony.

Refreshed brand, same great platform

As a CEO, it’s always exciting to release a beautiful new brand into the world – but I want to be clear. While the way our brand shows up in the world may look different, one thing remains the same – our commitment to supporting our customers and leading the SaaS Management industry. We are the same great partner that companies big and small have come to know and trust to deliver innovative SaaS Management solutions – and that will never change!



Eric Christopher

Eric Christopher is CEO and Co-Founder of Zylo, the leading SaaS management platform. After 14 years of buying and selling software, Eric knew there had to be a better way to manage cloud applications within a company. Eric started his career in sales at ExactTarget from 2002 to 2010. He spent the next six years in Chicago leading sales teams at Shoutlet and Sprout Social Inc., and founded Zylo in 2016.

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