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Prioritize Renewals by Business Impact with a SaaS Renewal Calendar

SaaS renewal calendar in Zylo

Imagine you’re the director of procurement or software asset management at a rapidly growing enterprise. You oversee a diverse array of SaaS applications that are critical to your company’s operations.

With nearly 300 applications to manage and countless renewal dates looming, keeping track of everything soon becomes a logistical nightmare. Your spreadsheets are out of sync, contract data is missing, and you don’t have a complete list of all your apps. 

Portfolio size and spend

That’s because you don’t have a centralized system to organize and prioritize SaaS renewals. As a result, you risk missing critical renewal dates, which leads to costly automatic renewals and service disruptions.

Since you don’t have visibility into contract terms and usage data, rightsizing licenses and negotiating favorable terms becomes a daunting challenge. You’re at your wit’s end trying to stay on top of it all. 

It’s time to stop struggling to keep track of so many dates in spreadsheets. Instead, imagine your contract information consolidated into a single system. You have an interactive SaaS renewal calendar visualizing every dollar and renewal you oversee. As a result, it streamlines your renewal processes, improves your visibility, and reduces the risk of oversights.

The Importance of Contract Data

Centralizing SaaS contracts is critical to successful renewals if you want a unified and organized approach to managing renewals. In fact, it’s impossible to create an accurate SaaS renewal calendar without it. Here are some of the benefits: 

  • Simplify contract management and reduce time searching for information.
  • Decrease manual errors, enhancing data accuracy.
  • Make quicker, more informed contract decisions.
  • Prevent costly oversight with clear visibility of renewal dates.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses and negotiate better terms.
  • Improve data accessibility for comprehensive analytics.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance and provide a clear audit trail.

Without all the contract information at your fingertips, you and your team risk overlooking critical renewal dates and missing the chance to negotiate contractual terms. Once you can see your contract data all in one place, you can see renewal dates months in advance and plan exactly how you wish to handle them. 

How Zylo’s Renewal Calendar Enables Proactive Management

It’s time to kick chaotic renewals to the curb. To do so, you must be proactive. You not only avoid surprise or auto-renewals, but also enhance productivity and plan more effectively.

That’s where Zylo’s SaaS Renewal Calendar steps in to save the day.

Zylo’s Renewal Calendar offers a unified, organized view of all upcoming renewals, providing clarity and structure to a renewal process that so often takes Procurement and SAM leaders unaware. 

SaaS renewal calendar

In addition to being more proactive, it enables you to give each renewal the attention it deserves. This ensures ample lead time to make a financial impact and helps you avoid unexpected busy periods. 

Think of all the time you can free up for other priorities – perhaps even a well-deserved vacation!

Prioritize Renewals with Ease

SaaS Renewals Annually

Each year, companies average 200 renewals – and more in the enterprise. With so many renewals constantly looming, you must find a way to prioritize where you spend the most time. 

With Zylo’s Renewal Calendar, the scenario shifts dramatically. While we can’t make all those renewals disappear, we can make them easier. 

Opening the platform, suddenly, you have a unified, organized view of all upcoming renewals at your fingertips. Heatmaps categorize renewals by spend or quantity, allowing you to prioritize negotiations and plan your budget allocations based on which apps are most costly or critical.

Now, SAM and IT teams can prioritize renewal budgets more effectively and confidently engage in strategic planning. 

Make Better Renewal Decisions

Data and reporting are imperative for making a good decision – whether you should renew, how many licenses you need, and what a fair price is.

Zylo’s Renewal Calendar allows you to customize your view to do just that. For instance, you can look at it by contract owner, renewals over a certain spend threshold, or other dimensions. Use any reports or filters in Zylo to visualize your renewal data to align with your organization’s specific needs.

To drill down into details such as contract owner, auto-renewals, and notifications, the renewal calendar offers advanced filtering options. With this information, you can accurately forecast financial needs, identify opportunities for cost optimization, and negotiate more favorable terms with vendors once renewal rolls around. 

Additionally, customized views increase the efficiency and flexibility of planning renewals. It helps your team streamline renewal management, see key information at a glance, and make informed decisions swiftly.

The Ultimate Guide for Wildly Effective SaaS Renewals

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Rightsize Licenses and Contracts

Fifty-one percent of licenses go unused in a given month, costing $18M a year on average. To eliminate this waste, many IT and software asset management leaders turn to rightsizing their SaaS licenses

Renewal is the one time of year – or every two or three – that you can adjust licensing in your contract. And to do that, you must know the renewal dates for all your applications.

saas license usage statYou can see what’s ahead in Zylo’s Renewal Calendar, and then build in proper time to evaluate your effective license positioning and optimize those licenses. 

Using contract data and usage insights in Zylo, you can quickly understand the opportunity and take action. If needed, you can create a workflow to survey users and even deprovision or downgrade licenses 90 days ahead of that renewal.

Ensure A Smoother Renewal Process with Zylo’s SaaS Renewal Calendar

Juggling hundreds of SaaS renewals can be challenging for any Procurement or SAM team. Staying ahead requires more than just tracking dates in an outdated spreadsheet. It demands a strategic approach fueled by data and up-to-date information.

Zylo renewal managementBy centralizing contract data and harnessing the power of Zylo’s Renewal Calendar, your organization can transform the renewal process from a reactive scramble into a proactive endeavor. With enhanced renewal visibility, intuitive filtering options, and streamlined planning tools, Zylo empowers teams to seize control of their digital assets. Now, you can optimize your workflows and unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness across the enterprise.

As you navigate the ever-complex world of SaaS subscriptions, let Zylo be your compass. Our SaaS Renewal Calendar can help you achieve renewal success and make the most of every opportunity. 

Want to experience the simplicity of effortless SaaS renewals? Take a self-guided tour or request a demo to learn how Zylo helps you drive effective SaaS renewal management. 



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