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How Integrating with Zylo Extends the Value of Okta

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The growth of SaaS has made the creation of passwords a large part of our daily lives. So much so that managing these applications and the passwords they require has become cumbersome and sometimes overwhelming. In the enterprise atmosphere, single sign-on (SSO) capabilities have given businesses a way to ensure higher productivity and security by allowing employees to manage everything under a single password. No more sticky notes that compromise your data security.

But there are added benefits of SSO that you may not have considered before. If most or all of your enterprise applications run through your SSO provider, then not only can you monitor and analyze the utilization data, but you can pair it with a SaaS management platform to assess spend, licensing, and application data for each app behind the single identity layer.

This is why we at Zylo felt it so crucial to build an integration that provides a new way to partner with the business around one of the fastest spend categories. Zylo integrates with Okta, the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise, to gain complete visibility into your SaaS applications. Here’s how:

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The Power of Zylo & Okta

Integrating with Okta not only makes accessing application data more convenient, it gives us the ability to go several steps further in uncovering applications, licenses, and utilization metrics you may not have otherwise noticed.

Yes, SSO makes application access extremely convenient for users. But it also gives Zylo an easy entry point to explore all user activity to help you better align spend and usage information across the business.

While direct integrations with large providers make it convenient for Zylo to discover your most expensive or most used apps, integrating with Okta gives us insight into hundreds more applications, big or small. And with greater access, we can paint you the most complete picture of your utilization, spend, and overall value.

Only half of your users are regularly logging into your key business app? Or you need to purchase more licenses for the business app with the highest utilization? Whatever it is, seeing more data means uncovering more value.

By integrating with Okta, Zylo empowers you to:

Identify new applications to put behind Okta

Zylo provides complete visibility into all SaaS applications by identifying all applications being purchased via your accounts payable and employee expense data. We look across the company to determine your full picture of app usage, discover which ones aren’t currently behind your Okta security layer, and work with you to drive deeper application effectiveness.

Redeploy your underutilized licenses in real time

One of the key benefits of using a SaaS management platform is that you can monitor your application usage continuously in real time, instead of just at renewal time. Zylo helps enterprises actively manage all their SaaS application licenses by tapping into Okta sign-in data to track if users are regularly active or inactive. And if you find that some users are not using specific apps, now you can redeploy those underutilized licenses in real time.

Map what you’re spending on each application

It is easy to lose track of the total spend across all SaaS applications, big and small, and in most organizations, that total value is continuing to grow. By associating SaaS application utilization and spend in one platform, Zylo can give you an enterprise-wide view of the most critical SaaS applications in use across your organization—whether it’s what you expected or not.

Drive ROI of underutilized apps

One of the best parts of uncovering the true picture of your SaaS spend and utilization is being able to immediately take action on it. The thing is, over- or underutilization is usually indicative of a larger problem. Perhaps you need to purchase more licenses because you have high utilization on an app that’s critical to your organization. Or maybe your users aren’t regularly signing in to the app(s) you’re shelling out millions for because they don’t see the value. Zylo helps you drive greater adoption of these apps by advising you on which ones require more thorough enablement and training or even clawing back the unused or underused licenses.

The best part is that it requires minimal effort from your organization to get this value. After providing Zylo with your accounts payable and expense data, connecting to your Okta integration is easy and seamless. Using Okta to keep your data safe and your employees productive is a no-brainer. Now, extending your value with the Zylo + Okta integration for deeper utilization and spend analysis is too.

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