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License Management Workflow Enables Seamless License Optimization

license management workflow


A decade ago, the biggest risk to software budgets was the over-provisioning of licenses. When vendors undertook the major task of auditing enterprises’ on-premise software licenses, IT leaders feared fines. Worst case scenario, vendors would uncover provisioned licenses to the nth degree, forcing the enterprise to cut a massive, and unexpected, check.

In the age of SaaS, under-provisioning cloud-based licenses pose a greater risk to the enterprise’s IT budgets than over-provisioning. In fact, with cloud-based subscriptions, accidental over-provisioning is impossible: in the case that the enterprise buys fewer licenses than necessary, IT leaders must only request additional licenses from the vendor.

Today, under-provisioned licenses, or improperly provisioned licenses, pose a risk to SaaS budgets because, on average, 12% of licenses are not provisioned across the enterprise. Additionally, up to 44% of the provisioned licenses are underutilized or inactive. With nearly 44% of all licenses unprovisioned or underutilized, enterprises are often missing opportunities for cost containment and risk mitigation.

Introducing Zylo’s License Management Workflow

Zylo enables IT leaders to identify, and now deprovision, underutilized or inactive licenses all from Zylo’s license management workflow dashboard. Zylo’s License Management Workflow guarantees increased visibility, efficiency, security, and value throughout the enterprise.

Visibility: Analyze real-time utilization data of each user, or at scale, application-by-application. Access and utilize historical license management reporting to drive informed provisioning decisions and strategies.

Security: Ensure enhanced security capabilities through the ability to revoke permissions to applications that house sensitive enterprise or customer data, with the click of a button.

Efficiency: Set utilization thresholds and expectations of your application investments. Then, automate the manual license deprovisioning process, including license deprovisioning across multi-organization Salesforce deployments.

Value: With the measurement and visibility of organizational license use at scale, build the value of the enterprise-wide software investment through the deprovisioning and reharvesting of software licenses.

IT and LOB Collaboration Ensures Effective License Optimization

We built Zylo with the priority to drive enterprise-wide software value through IT and LOB collaboration. For businesses to grow and thrive in the age of SaaS, these cross-business relationships are not only beneficial, they are necessary. Therefore, built into the License Management Workflow are communication-activating steps.

Through Zylo’s automated utilization reports, IT identifies opportunities for deprovisioning licenses. However, before a license is revoked, the user is invited to refute the deprovisioning notice. By opening lines of communication, IT can work with LOBs, rather than around employees, to drive enterprise-wide strategies and initiatives

Zylo’s License Management Workflow Makes Visibility Actionable

Today, Zylo’s License Management Workflow is available for hundreds of applications, including unique integrations with Salesforce, across multi-organization Salesforce deployments, and Zoom, including deep consumption metrics and license types. With License Management Workflows, our customers can take action from their Zylo-powered system of record, directly from within the platform.

SaaS license management and optimization have never been so advanced, effective, and efficient. To activate the License Management Workflow within Zylo, customers should contact their enterprise concierge. To learn more about the platform that’s revolutionizing cloud-based software management and optimization, request a demo today.



Ben Pippenger

As Chief Strategy Officer, Ben is responsible for shaping and driving Zylo’s corporate strategy by monitoring and analyzing key market trends. As Zylo co-founder, he is passionate about the power of SaaS and helping organizations understand how they can manage, measure and maximize their investments for greater business impact. Ben is a self-proclaimed SaaS geek, with more than 20 years of B2B software experience, and a recognized SaaS and software management thought leader. Before founding Zylo, Ben held leadership roles in product and account management at Salesforce and ExactTarget.