5 SaaS Benchmarks to Drive Collaboration

With the arrival of SaaS in the enterprise, IT is no longer the lead purchaser and manager of software. Business units, teams, and employees have the ability to purchase, deploy, and manage software subscriptions without IT involvement.

The upshot of this consumerization of business-grade software is that an abundance of more affordable, more flexible, and more effective tools have become available to the end user.

The downside of the unplanned acquisition of SaaS and decentralized ownership is that information about the cost, value, and effectiveness of these tools becomes fragmented and hidden in pockets throughout the business.

To ensure the visibility of this information as well as the security and value of the enterprise SaaS stack, IT leaders must collaborate with business leaders. To foster this collaboration, IT leaders must create clear lines of communication built around objective, actionable data.

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5 SaaS Benchmarks to Drive Collaboration