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Professionally Manage SaaS Applications Across the Enterprise


Large enterprises purchase over 1,000 SaaS applications annually.

Lines of Business (LOBs) are buying and managing many of these apps without informing IT. As LOB leaders are very rarely trained IT managers, SaaS is rampantly mismanaged within an enterprise.


Manage all SaaS applications through a SaaS system of record.

With Zylo, eliminate SaaS-related inefficiencies, security risks, and hidden costs. Through Zylo’s actionable insights, professionally manage all SaaS applications in real-time.

How Zylo Builds Your SaaS System of Record:


Through direct integrations with your AP and Expense solutions, Zylo’s matching model discovers and categorizes all applications. Over 7,500 unique applications have been discovered and categorized to-date.


Through direct integrations with your AP and Expense solutions, applications and buyers are paired. Within Zylo, launch emails or Slack messages to enhance SaaS management and optimization at the source: the buyers.


Send contracts to your Enterprise Services team to build your renewal calendar. Set up alerts to never miss a renewal.


Through direct integrations with your Single Sign-On solution and enterprise-level applications, Zylo uncovers the actual utilization metrics of each application. Deprovision inactive licenses with the click of a button.

Multi-Source Spend

Through a direct integration with your financial solution, Zylo discovers each expensed application. End multi-source spending by identifying unnecessary expenses and driving adoption of enterprise-level SaaS solutions.

Enterprise Customer Support

Zylo’s industry experts help you uncover and execute optimization opportunities throughout the lifetime of your SaaS applications.