SolutionsReduce Redundant SaaS Applications

Reduce Redundant SaaS Applications with Similar Functions


1 in 4 employees acquires SaaS via expense

Now that anyone can buy software and multiple applications frequently compete to fulfill similar functions, redundant SaaS is common, leading to operational inefficiencies, increased costs, and shadow IT.



Discover and rationalize your SaaS portfolio

With Zylo-powered visibility, you can discover, categorize, and monitor every SaaS application purchased and used within your organization. Reduce overall costs, reduce redundant capabilities, and create a fully managed SaaS portfolio.

Customer Spotlight
“Zylo delivers a bottoms-up type of discovery. By following the dollars, every application bought is discovered. Because buyer information is delivered with each application, optimization can begin at the source: the buyer.”
Ryan Johnson, Director of IT
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