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Drive Best Practices and Secure SaaS Applications


Shadow IT and lack of compliance education put enterprises at risk.

Today, business units purchase and manage up to 50% of the enterprise’s technology; without a SaaS system of record, IT and Procurement cannot enforce best practices and secure the enterprise.


Uncover all Shadow IT and drive best practices at the source: SaaS buyers and users.

With Zylo-powered visibility, track applications that house sensitive data, drive governance standards, bolster SaaS security, and eliminate the innate risks associated with Shadow IT.

Customer Spotlight
"With Zylo, we see the potential to professionally manage our cloud software subscriptions with effective governance, measurement, and cost visibility."
Jennifer Oleksiw, VP and Information Officer

How Zylo Builds Your SaaS System of Record:


Through direct integrations with your AP and Expense solutions, Zylo’s matching model discovers and categorizes all applications. Over 7,500 unique applications have been discovered and categorized to-date.


Through direct integrations with your AP and Expense solutions, applications and buyers are paired. Within Zylo, launch emails or Slack messages to enhance SaaS governance at the source: the users.

PII Notifications

In Zylo, you can flag each application that contains PII within the dashboard. Set up tags to track PII-housing applications purchased throughout the enterprise.


Through direct integrations with your Single Sign-On solution and enterprise-level applications, Zylo uncovers the actual utilization metrics of each application. Secure the enterprise by deprovisioning inactive licenses.


A considerable aspect of SOC 2 includes the discovery and understanding of all technology and service providers. To enact the necessary preventative, recovery, and backup procedures, Zylo enables a complete tech audit for every application in use.