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Gartner Symposium and ITxpo: The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and Senior IT Executives


The Enterprise Needs a System of Record for all Cloud Apps

The Zylo Team is heading to Orlando for the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo in one week. We are excited about the opportunity to network and connect with the CIO’s and Senior IT Leaders from the world’s largest enterprises to talk about the Cloud. Now that IT is not the only department purchasing and budgeting for technology, SaaS Optimization is a growing problem not just for IT, but for the entire enterprise.

At Zylo, we work with the world’s fastest growing technology company, the largest cloud consulting firm and companies in highly regulated industries, like pharmaceuticals and financial institutions. While the industries and businesses are quite different, the same problems are emerging around the need for an enterprise SaaS software asset management tool. Our customers are at different stages of moving to the Cloud and at different points along their SaaS Management journey, but every customer is uncovering opportunities to partner with the business and drive value with one SaaS system of record.

SaaS Optimization Impacts the Bottom Line

We talk a lot about why now is the time to implement SAM for SaaS and our customer ROI numbers prove the significance of the impact being made at the enterprises that are acting now:

  • Zylo uncovers full visibility into SaaS spend across the entire organization. Even in enterprises that are confident they know about every application, we find they underestimate the size of their total SaaS stack by 150%.
  • With Zylo, customers can proactively manage SaaS subscriptions with more data and leverage than they’ve ever had. This is critical because the average customer is executing 2 renewals every business day.
  • Beyond knowing what SaaS is out there, measuring the actual usage and understanding the value of SaaS applications is now possible. Customers find that 75% of licenses are inactive or infrequently used.
  • For the first time, customers can deliver savings and efficiencies off of actionable intelligence. With a proactive and strategic approach, customers are saving 30% or more on their SaaS spend.

For innovative IT teams, putting a framework in place to manage one of the fastest growing spend categories is a strategic initiative that impacts the entire business.

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