Zylo Uncovers SaaS Utilization Insights with SaaS Reporting Software

With a SaaS system of record, it is possible to measure the value each application provides and identify savings opportunities.

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Zylo is the only SaaS system of record that captures real-time SaaS application utilization information. Associating SaaS application spend and utilization in one platform creates an enterprise wide view of the most critical SaaS applications in use across the organization from the largest to the smallest  investments.

Employee & Application Details

View employee level data around SaaS application access, usage and cost by application. You can also get the total application cost by employee.

Application Feedback

Using the Net Promotor System®, you can collect employee feedback on each SaaS application via an email or Slack survey. You can also see the G2 Crowd rating and review information for each SaaS application directly within Zylo’s platform.

Application Utilization

Monitor active and inactive SaaS application usage by application and supplier. The Zylo License Management Workflows enable users to automatically identify and reclaim underutilized licenses.

SaaS Insights

Gain actionable insights with the most used and un-used applications, the most active and inactive users and more.

SaaS Utilization Data Sources

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License Optimization

Partner with the business to optimize Cloud and SaaS applications based on spend, active utilization, and employee sentiment. Reharvest unused licenses and manage the employee value of each application.

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Spend & Vendor Management

Discover all Cloud and SaaS spend direct from financial systems. Create a SaaS management system by associating spend and contract information for each application and include department, category and application function.

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SaaS changed the way software is purchased.
Zylo is changing the way software is managed.

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