5 Ways to Prepare for your Salesforce Renewal from one SaaS System of Record

Ben Pippenger

Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and world’s #1 CRM company, is one of the most common and strategic SaaS applications in our customers’ SaaS technology stacks. With the breadth of Salesforce products offered today, it can be difficult to prepare for a complex Salesforce renewal. Here are 5 tips from our Zylo team to consider as you go into your Salesforce negotiation:

Review the purchased versus provisioned Salesforce licenses by type:

SaaS license management is the foundation to renewal preparation that ensures the organization purchases the right amount of licenses in the future. A user license determines the baseline of features that the user can access. Understanding which of the user types are included in your contract, how many users of each were purchased and how many are provisioned is step one in Salesforce renewal preparation.

Analyze Salesforce adoption metrics of each license by type:

Going beyond the review of purchased licenses versus provisioned licenses, it it possible to determine how well Salesforce end user adoption is going in the organization by reviewing active utilization by user and license type. Using one SaaS system of record makes it easy to determine the value of Salesforce by pairing active utilization data with contract spend information.

Collaborate with Salesforce power users to forecast future needs:

Working with the business to understand how the Salesforce application(s) is being used is critical to understanding the day to day business processes built around the technology. Insight into what each department is planning for the future in terms of new capabilities, functionality, or even team growth will be very impactful during Salesforce renewal planning.

Survey your Salesforce users for application feedback:

Measuring employee satisfaction of strategic cloud applications gives the organization a 360 degree view across cloud application spend, usage and user feedback. The three data points in one SaaS system of record provide a layer of transparency that was not previously possible. Preparing for a SaaS renewal with employee sentiment data is a strategic advantage to assess the full value each SaaS application provides the organization.

Review complete Salesforce functionality:

Using a SaaS Optimization Platform like Zylo enables users to identify redundant application spend and redundant application functionality. Salesforce is a great example of a SaaS application supplier that offers a wide breadth of capabilities and products. It is good to analyze if there are applications in your SaaS stack that are serving purposes that a Salesforce product could also serve. Consolidation of SaaS suppliers and negotiating a larger contract with strategic suppliers can produce dramatic cost savings.

Through Zylo’s integration with Salesforce, Zylo’s platform pulls user and licensing information directly from a customer’s existing Salesforce instances. This gives a consolidated view of the entire relationship with Salesforce across the business, including insight into all applications, licenses, payments, utilization, employee sentiment, contacts and documents related to an existing Salesforce relationship.

Teams are using the additional visibility to increase adoption, re-provision users as needed and gain a deeper understanding of what apps users are actively engaging within in the application.

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