SolutionsBuild a Renewal Calendar

Proactively Manage SaaS Renewals with Zylo-Enabled Visibility


Enterprises have an average of two SaaS application renewals daily.

With no renewal management system, technology leaders cannot track applications and prepare for renewals. As a result, opportunities to contain costs during renewals negotiations are lost.


Proactively manage SaaS renewals with Zylo-powered insights.

Equip IT leaders with the insights necessary to drive informed renewal decisions and negotiations. Zylo’s renewal calendar and alerts ensure no renewals are missed.

How Zylo Builds Your SaaS System of Record:


Zylo’s matching model discovers and categorizes all applications, enabling the consolidation of apps with overlapping function. Over 7,500 unique applications have been discovered and categorized to-date.


Set up alerts to ping you when a renewal approaches. With your preferred time for preparation in mind, proactively manage renewals.


Send contracts to your Enterprise Services team to complete your single system-of-record. Set up renewal or large payment alerts to never miss a renewal.


Through direct integrations with SaaS applications and your Single Sign-On solution and enterprise-level applications, Zylo uncovers the actual utilization metrics of each application, driving informed renewal negotiations.