Best Practices to Implement for Effective SaaS Renewal Management

You’re Not Alone if You Don’t have a SaaS Renewal Process

With the explosion of SaaS and the increase of LoB owners buying their own technology, it’s more difficult than ever for IT or Finance to have an effective SaaS renewal management process. Because of the lack of visibility, our data shows that enterprises underestimate their SaaS application ownership by an average of 75%.

It’s not an easy feat, and we are more than familiar with the common hurdles to obtaining visibility into enterprise-wide SaaS purchases and renewals. When you put a strategy around renewal management, you’ll have a material impact on the bottom line because enterprises are spending up to 30% of their entire supplier spend on SaaS and cloud applications.

Download this checklist to address some of the common challenges with SaaS renewal management and solutions to solving them. If you can master these, you’ll be an internal rock star and on your way to leading SaaS optimization strategy conversations with your leadership team and the line of business leaders.