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What Growing Every Day at Zylo Means to Me


My colleagues and I see tremendous potential to grow at Zylo. In fact, many of us joined Zylo because the huge growth potential of the company is so unique.

Not only did we join a growing company, but we also joined a growing new industry. As a result, true to Zylo’s core values, we are able to grow personally every day.

Creating a Category

I’ve worked for startups in the past, but Zylo’s greatest appeal for me was the opportunity to define the category of SaaS management — a challenge that has enabled me to grow professionally and personally.

At Zylo, we believe that every brick matters, requiring excellence in all that we do. Our high standards have motivated me to learn new skills and achieve greater goals than ever before in my career.

At a startup, growth is foundational and necessary. Six years into my career, I am grateful for our continued success and excited by the momentum we all feel in the midst of Zylo’s growth.

Growing as a Culture

In a company experiencing accelerating growth, our culture is central to ensuring we grow in the right direction.

One of the questions we continue to ask ourselves is, “How do we preserve the culture that makes us unique and directly contributes to our success?”

At Zylo, we value transparency as well as growth. Through this transparency, from leadership to individual contributors, we continue to ask and answer tough questions about our culture, progress, and goals.

This year, as we reached 50 employees, we held inclusive conversations about values and culture. During these meetings, of which I was thrilled to contribute, we landed on the three foundational values we hold today.

  • Trust starts with me.
  • Achieve big audacious goals.
  • Grow personally every day.

As our company grows, we expect our culture to grow, as well. I am excited to continue contributing to the conversations around values and culture — an awesome opportunity that, so far in my career, has been entirely unique to Zylo.

Growing Zylo’s Teams

As we experience success, our team continues to multiply. I’ve seen a lot of growth during my journey at Zylo. While an expanding team is definitely positive for an organization’s productivity, even flourishing teams experience growing pains.

To ensure that our communication and collaboration remain healthy, we prioritize vulnerability as an organization. With the understanding that we all bring passion and ambition to our roles, we strive to maintain respect through everything we do.

Our dedication to transparency and vulnerability has proven invaluable. Zylo is a place where I can express my ideas and opinions openly. As we focus on taking Zylo to the next level and maintaining our culture, I am confident that I will continue to feel supported and valued by leadership and my peers.

Personally Growing Every Day

As Zylo grows, I continue to learn while my role expands. However, with new responsibilities come new challenges. At Zylo, each challenge becomes an opportunity to gain new skills and achieve big audacious goals.

My path at Zylo has been defined by opportunities for growth. In a year, I’ve helped my team execute new marketing strategies, pioneered new markets, developed new channels, and build new teams.

During all of this, I have reached goals I never thought possible.