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Just Let Me on the Bus


I first heard about Zylo in July 2016.

Long before I became Zylo’s Implementation Manager, I got in touch with co-founder Cory Wheeler to learn from him about Zylo and, frankly, whether it was something I might want to be a part of. Over coffee, Cory walked me through the current state and future vision of Zylo and that was it: I wanted on the ride.

I didn’t know how I would fit at Zylo or in what capacity. Looking back, I didn’t really care. I thought about Jim Collins’ book “Good to Great” and the metaphor about the bus. What mattered to me was the people on the “bus.”

As I met the team, it was obvious how impressive they are. Between that and the fantastic vision of what Zylo could be, I’d take whatever seat they’d give me. If the right people are on the bus, we’ll find the way.

Just let me on the bus.

I jumped at the chance to join the Zylo sales team in February 2017. Even though I’d never been a pure sales rep previously, it fit well with my background in various sales capacities.

However, about 8-9 months in, it became clear through our customer acquisitions that a full time Implementation Manager was needed to focus on customer implementations, and build a best in class implementation strategy/practice at Zylo. Once again I found myself sitting down with Cory to talk about vision.

My seat was ready as Zylo’s Implementation Manager.

Having had the chance to be on both the Sales and Services side at Zylo (and previous companies) has given me a unique perspective that has benefited my view on our process as well as the ultimate customer experience. Being familiar with sales conversations gives me a great sense of customer expectations coming into an engagement with Zylo and how to make sure we continually target the objectives that brought them to Zylo in the first place.

It’s tremendously important to us that the customer experience with Zylo is impressive and valuable from day one. That’s something I have a chance to provide with the process we’ve put together, and continue to enhance.

Like the other teams at Zylo, our Customer Success and Services team is incredible. It is without doubt a huge differentiator for us in the industry. We started by getting the right people on the bus and now we’re speeding down the highway. Let’s go!