Cheers to an Excellent 2018

2018 was a huge year for Zylo. In January, we announced the completion of a $9.3 million Series A funding round, led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Salesforce Ventures, and the Slack Fund. Now, nearing the end of the year, we have doubled our headcount and are on track to double revenue.

The icing on the cake, per se, was delivered when Forbes named Zylo among the 20 Rising Stars as part of the 2018 Cloud 100 and Gartner named Zylo a Cool Vendor in IT Asset Management. Any software founder can imagine our collective cheers.

We started Zylo with a clear vision and plenty of market analysis. Now, only a few years later, global research firms are confirming our informed hypothesis: the need for professional SaaS management is growing. Quick on the heels of positive industry reports has been the recognition, of which these honors from Forbes and Gartner headline.

How did Zylo do it?

Successes are often followed by requests for a step-by-step process outlining how we’ve reached our goals. Even with a systematic approach, the actual steps that grow any software company are convoluted and non-linear.

Instead of focusing on the steps that lead us here, I’d like to focus on the three massively positive influences that helped us discover where we were, where we wanted to go, and how to get there.

Through hard work, patience, and sometimes luck, we found these influences: our investors, team, and customers. Without the magic trifecta, we could never have reached such heights: in the clouds, some would say (sorry for the pun).

Investors: High Alpha & Bessemer Venture Partners

Room for improvement exists in every company: we value our investors for helping us acknowledge, identify, and act on any opportunities for growth. For Zylo to become an industry force, we have surrounded ourselves with experts that share our passion for innovation and our vision for SaaS management. Consequently, our investors and board members are trusted advisors, coaches, and accountability partners.

Customers: Cloud-Forward Enterprises

When you aim to define a space (SaaS management), you must be cognizant of the challenges and opportunities facing industry-defining leaders, among which our customers belong. The learnings our customer success team have amassed over the previous year enable us to build a product worthy of the title of “the leading SaaS management platform.”

In addition to informing the direction of momentum, the energy our customers have infused in customer success stories and customer-led webinars is unmatched. Champions of Zylo, and enthusiasts of SaaS, our customers are invaluable to us.

Team: #Zylife

This spring we brought on a VP of Talent, Julie Barker, who has been integral as we doubled our headcount. In the start-up space, culture is king. As the team has grown, we strive to show our appreciation for our teams’ candor, hard work, and energy. On social media and in the office, we celebrate #zylife whenever we can.

No Bad Bricks, Only Good Ones

They say it’s not what you do, it’s who you know. However, when your passion is niche–SaaS management–often what you do drives who you know. Looking back on Zylo’s first few years, I am beyond grateful for the colleagues and friends I have met along the way: we truly would not be here without our investors, customers, and team.

“No bad brick, only good ones” has become somewhat of a company motto. No matter what we are building, whether a team or a top-notch product, we stress value in every step, in every brick. With the help of our Zylo allies, I believe we have a chance to build the next generation platform, brick by brick.