Why Zylo is the Best Place to Work for Me

Emily O’Connell

We recently had the chance to celebrate a big milestone at Zylo: Our first recognition as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana. This recognition affirmed my decision to join the team at Zylo. We had a great time celebrating winning the award but also celebrating an exciting end of the quarter with hitting some ambitious milestones that further amplify Zylo’s reach.

In reflecting on my four months with Zylo, it’s hard to quickly summarize my favorite parts, but I’ll try.

Zylo is an Exciting Product

I’m a recruiter. With that, I need to be truly passionate about my company and the product so I can inspire that passion in others. And in the sake for my own job security, I obviously want to work for a company that will continue to grow and have the large market potential for long-term growth.

I’ve seen an increased need for cybersecurity, the explosion of SaaS applications over traditional on-prem solutions, and the rise of analytics as a necessary core need for companies to grow. But when I heard about a company focused on SaaS for SaaS with $9.3 million in funding, I paused. Why didn’t I think of that?

Prior to this, I worked in the enterprise space and also came from a company that was acquired, so the concept really resonated with me.

When a company grows, so does the number of applications and tools. Most companies experience the consequences of hundreds, if not thousands of employees who are buying more and more annual software subscriptions.

Meanwhile, these companies have little to no visibility in the remaining seats, utilization of the products, security risks, how users feel about these products or internal workflows for the cost, or how to route this info to the appropriate leader.

A single place for a to be able to discover, track, manage, and govern all their cloud spend and applications in one place? Zylo’s solution sounded too good to be true. Until I checked out a demo of the product and saw the dollhouse moment.

We are Leading the Charge and Creating a New Category

When you have the opportunity to build a new category, you also play the roles of both expert and novice simultaneously.

We’ve been recognized as a Best Place to Work, and we’ve also earned recognition as an industry leader for our expertise and innovation for managing SaaS.

But, we know we don’t know it all. One the thing I love about Zylo’s culture here is that we value setting big, audacious goals. But we also stay humble and take every opportunity to learn.

We recognize we can’t be successful without our customer’s help and feedback. So we partner closely with our allies, customers, and employees and more to listen and provide content back that will enable their goals.

On a day to day basis, what this really means is a direct impact in your role while also having a shared vulnerability that there’s always an opportunity to improve and develop.

Four Months at Zylo is Three Times as Rewarding as Anywhere Else

What do I mean? Things move fast because we are constantly, consistently building and scaling the company and the category every day. This work includes a broad range of activities including implementing best in class tools, preparing for rapid scale, and minimizing red tape to enable continued innovation.

For me personally, in just a few months, I’ve had the opportunity to:

  • Onboard new employees and create a new onboarding presentation deck
  • Revamp email templates in our applicant tracking system
  • Create a values-based interview guide
  • Create an onboarding checklist for new hires and expand onboarding survey
  • Present a best practices interview training
  • Hold a networking event on the career jungle gym with the High Alpha Blue Angels networking group
  • Built out an automated text journey service for future university/associate recruiting

Building Meaningful Relationships

One thing I realized pretty quickly was that at Zylo I’d have the opportunity to work closely with every team and department. I’d also get the chance to understand each team’s unique personalities, quirks, and needs – and this is built into Zylo’s culture.

One way we do this is by encouraging employees to interact via our weekly #coffeesandzylo slack channel that randomly assigns employees to have coffee virtually or in person with different roles throughout the company.

We also celebrate team wins and give visibility on the individual contributor level as each person’s direct impact on the business with weekly shoutouts at a minimum.

But even outside that, the teams and the people actually care to get to know you on a personal level. For example, my CEO knows my latest take on the latest Game of Thrones episode. The entire product team knows I like to people watch passersby on Monument Circle from our office windows. And our VP of Finance knows a fellow coworker and I plan to take a motorcycle class soon.

I don’t think they do this just to make me feel good – it’s because they genuinely care.

Overall, I’m grateful for my experience at Zylo and only hope to continue to grow here. In my experience, it truly is one of the best places to work in Indiana.

If you are interested in learning more about coming to work at Zylo, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or at emily@zylo.com.

About the Author

Emily O’Connell

Emily O'Connell is Zylo's talent acquisition partner and oversees the recruitment and onboarding of the best and the brightest people to join its team. When she's not at work, she loves to travel, bike around Indy, garden, and cheer on the Indianapolis Colts.